We highly definitely gay travellers to use Grindr in Russia

My answer - you have to be cautious and you have to ask the right questions, and trust your instincts. I hold out hope that change will come over time. Related Questions Would you recommend a visit to Kamchatka, Russia?

Soviet statutes barring homosexual acts were at last lifted inand Russia's gays and lesbians have been celebrating ever since. In Russia, in fact, they really love gays, just many do not understand how such love is possible!

There are virtually none. Upvote what you want to see, downvote what you want to hide. The point we are trying to make is that quite clearly, the situation for LGBTQ is bad in Russia, and as a gay traveller you do need to be careful, particularly with public displays of affection.

Good luck! Not a fairytale, but not an utter nightmare either.

Хозяин сайта We highly definitely gay travellers to use Grindr in Russia считаю, что

Please stop. I very much appreciated and enjoyed your comment. Labour bible the New Statesman refuses to back Jeremy Corbyn at the general election and calls him 'unfit to Where can I get initial answers to ANY question? They appear in search results and you can chat them up as you'd expect.

That was before I left Russia.

I can see visiting once just to check it out and cross it off your list, but repeatedly… well I guess that proves YMMV. We considered changing our plans, but ultimately decided to stick with the trip. For many years I subscribed to that train of thought. I hope you know that. While on iran i meet many same sex couples in tehran going about their day to day activities.

Also, I think most gay people would feel far, far, far safer in Dubai than say Alabama.

We highly definitely gay travellers to use Grindr in Russia

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