Should opposite sex siblings share a room in Plano

My ex partner and I have been split up for 5 years now, he has a new girlfriend who has two children herself both girls at the age of 7 and 18 month. I suspect from my experience that 8 for girls is a time when they start to get more aware of their bodies and so might want more privacy.

My son desperately needs his own bedroom and has recently spoken about killing himself.

If they were brought together at a young age … the situation would be very similar to biological siblings. Any advice would be great. I have a daughter aged 15 and will be 16 at the end of the year and a son who will be turning 7 in a couple of months. Tell your father that someone replied to your question who has a 7 yo boy and a 10 yo girl sharing the same room.

Should opposite sex siblings share a room in Plano

Advise please. The ''office'' has a bed in it for whenever they are ready, but I see no signs of their readiness to give up what they call the security and comfort of having the other there at night. Any advice would be great.

What a dilemma. Home sizes are growing, but spare bedrooms are being used for guests, offices and play spaces. We waited until they decided they wanted some private space. I feel strongly that they need their individual space for health and privacy reasons. He is working.

Ask Amy Ask Amy: Debt creates an awkward dilemma.

Should opposite sex siblings share a room in Plano

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