Remember that every gay person is unique

For Helms, queer art is quite simply a threat to the world. It was forced upon you, in a suffocating and violent way by a homophobic society. Also known as horizontal hostility or lateral violence, horizontal oppression is one of the most damaging results of internalized homophobia.

She and her cohorts were so over the top that it just completely galvanized the gay rights movement".

Angry as I listen to a man tell me that after changing his will five times he's running out of people to leave things to. What else can you expect from a faggot? Be proud.

Remember that every gay person is unique

Are you looking for Understand that all people are different and unique and there's nothing wrong with that. Maybe it is just a smile to a stranger that comes at the right time or an act of compassion to feed a starving dog. Being unique is better than being perfect.

You are you.

I hate him for making a mockery of our grief. Looks like this post is no longer available from its original source. Being queer is "grass roots" because we know that everyone of us, every body, every c, every heart and a-- and d is a world of pleasure waiting to be explored.

February 8,

Remember that every gay person is unique

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