Needs of gay and bisexually- active adolescents

Mood and Anxiety Disorders Most of the research that has been conducted on mental health disorders among LGBT youth has relied on symptom or distress scales rather than formal clinical diagnoses Mustanski et al. Results The "most important" study finding was that young men who were only homosexually active had behavioral risk levels "no higher than those of youths with only female partners," but that bisexually active participants had "an extremely high-risk profile.

Disclosure of sexual orientation and subsequent substance use and abuse among lesbian, gay, and bisexual youths: Critical role of disclosure reactions. Very little research has been conducted on the relationship between teen needs of gay and bisexually- active adolescents and sexual orientation, although there is some indication that lesbian and bisexual adolescents may have at least the same and possibly an increased likelihood of pregnancy compared with heterosexual adolescents.

needs of gay and bisexually- active adolescents

In this qualitative study, most of the youth reported experiences of family and peers reacting negatively toward their gender-atypical behaviors. In spite the scarcity of services tailored to gay and bisexual youth in Puerto Rico, and the pervasive homophobia and cultural stigma about homosexuality within the Puerto Rican society, the results of this study show that the young gay and bisexual males from this sample have developed strategies to address these barriers, not without leaving scars, in the integration of their sexual identity.

Either by participating in social and cultural activities, organized interventions at service organizations, or the Internet, gay and bisexual young people in Puerto Rico are developing a sense of needs of gay and bisexually- active adolescents and support networks. Palabras clave: Resiliencia psicologicoHomosexualidad, Bisexualidad, Adolescentes.

Adolescent same-sex romantic attractions and relationships: Implications for substance use needs of gay and bisexually- active adolescents abuse. Survival sex work and increased HIV risk among sexual minority street-involved youth.

Needs of gay and bisexually- active adolescents посетила просто

In the previously mentioned study by Ford and Jasinskibisexual females were more likely than either heterosexual or homosexual students to have used marijuana and other illicit drugs. Few population-based studies have assessed needs of gay and bisexually- active adolescents factors affecting the health of LGBT youth beyond violence.

All questions were developed in a multiple choice or write-in format. The published literature includes suggestions to encourage greater awareness and appropriate treatment by health care providers Kitts,psychotherapists Hart,and school personnel Bontempo and D'Augelli, ; to educate and counsel parents and families to decrease rejecting and increase supportive behaviors Ryan et al.

Mustanski BS. A relatively small number of studies using nonprobability samples have attempted to assess the incidence of childhood gender-variant identities. Another potential protective factor may be disclosure of sexual identity.

We used a translated and adapted version of the scale Soler et al. Stigma management? Few recent population-based studies have published substantive sociodemographic findings on LGBT youth.

Needs of gay and bisexually- active adolescents

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