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Nibert, David The central analogy to the civil rights movement and the women's movement is trivializing and ahistorical. Adams Neal D. They state that species membership has no moral significance, only the animals' interests have moral significance.

Dawkins, Richard []. Best, Steven Politics and the Life Sciences.

In as much as both "race" and "species" are vague terms used in the classification of living creatures according, largely, to physical appearance, an analogy can be made between them. Palgrave Macmillan. Dawkins elaborated in a discussion with Singer at The Center for Inquiry inwhen asked whether he continues to eat meat: "It's a little bit like the position which many people would have held a couple of hundred years ago over slavery.

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Retrieved 29 August Adams Neal D. The paradigm has an inclusive side all human beings deserve equal protection and an exclusive one only human beings have that status.

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